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A recent CityLab analysis , for example, found that interceptions were overwhelmingly deployed in low-income and black neighborhoods. Black Lives Matter and left-wing activists have reported the suspected use of cell site simulators at numerous political demonstrations over the last fifteen years. According to the records, departments are also rapidly improving their interception capabilities through cell site simulator upgrades. Last September, for example, in response to our records request, the Baltimore County Police released a redacted purchase order , showing the department had acquired a redacted device from Digital Receiver Technology, a subsidiary of Boeing.

Dirtboxes are far more powerful than ordinary cell site simulators and have been used by the NSA to intercept tens of millions of communications in France , according to freelance reporter Ali Winston in Reveal. They can be mounted on planes to track ten thousand cellphones at once or to capture calls and text messages from hundreds of cellphones at the same time.

The records also show several of the departments have acquired other tools to increase the types of phones they can intercept, improve the range of their interceptions, and sharpen the precision of their tracking. At least eleven departments have purchased other brands of cell site simulators from Harris Corporation , which can capture the phone locations, call logs, and text logs of anyone —criminal suspect, protester, or random bystander—within roughly meters of their deployment, depending on the model.

Harris spokesperson Jim Burke declined to comment for this article. Some departments are also opting for cellphone trackers that are even more precise and covert than cell site simulators. These tools track can help authorities locate target phones in crowds or in large buildings, and are very useful in combination with cell site simulators like the Hailstorm, which cannot locate target phones as precisely.

The records show that at least nineteen police departments acquired cellphone extraction devices, which allow police to crack open locked devices and collect vast amounts of phone data, such as call logs, emails, social media messages , time-stamped past location data, and even deleted texts and photos —without any assistance from cellphone companies.

As Joseph Cox revealed at Motherboard, numerous state police agencies have also purchased these devices. The records also suggest these Cellebrite products enable departments to go far beyond the simple collection of data contained within phones. Some activists contend that past experiences suggest similar tools have been used to extract information from their phones.

Williams, an attorney who is active in the Black Lives Matter movement in New York City, says that she suspects police may have extracted information from her phone during an arrest at a protest in December It was already open. Similar concerns about the use of cellphone extraction devices abound across the country. Some legal advocates, for example, worry the recent decision by Washington, D.

Law enforcement practices vary dramatically across the country. In , the U.

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But the ruling itself did not give clear guidance on how broad police warrant requests could be designed, and such decisions are still left up to law enforcement discretion in many cases. And with interception of cellphone data, the picture is even murkier. Given the dragnet nature of cell site simulator interceptions, federal agencies like the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Justice and a few states, such as California, Washington, Virginia, Minnesota, Maryland, and Utah have required police obtain a search warrant before deployments.

But police agencies in other states continue to intercept cell data after presenting judges with a pen register application , a court order whose standard is lower than that of a search warrant.

More opaque still is what happens to all this data, extracted or intercepted, once police have it. In , the Fort Worth police, for example, bought servers and software from a Nebraska company called Pen-Link that enables police to store and organize intercepted cellphone metadata, such as call logs and locations , in computer databases. The company was started in a simple home garage with just two people. We began offering logistics services on a local scale, and immediately discovered many inefficiencies in the logistics world. We witnessed a very outdated and traditional approach used on every supply chain level by big players in the industry.

Their reluctance to step into the 21st century in terms of technology utilization was a great opportunity for us.

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We strived to discover creative solutions, be streamlined while being pragmatic, and really had our eyes wide open every step of the way. Simultaneously incorporating as much technology into our services while not losing the personal relationships with our customers and carriers was, and still is, our main goal. Just three short years into our operations, we were already covering all 48 contiguous states for our ground services, and we started to move Air shipments around the globe.

Our first international office opened in Mexico, and Canada followed soon after. We are now servicing domestic and international shipments by ground and air in many countries as a one stop solution. After many years of learning the industry, striving to improve each and every day, we have made tremendous progress and achieved great success for many of our clients.

Our drivers, carriers, logistics professionals, and technological approach is what truly sets us apart and makes us a successful company. Transparent Communication and Collaboration. Providing Solutions, Not Problems. Continuous Process Improvement. Creating Long-Lasting Relationships. Minimizing Bureaucracy. Flexibility and Consistency. Creative Customized Solutions.

When things change for the good, we call it progress. In order to provide better services and to make communication more smoother, Millhouse Logistics has updated its web site to new standards. Clear, easy to navigate, comfortable and fast. New design marks a turning-point in workflow. Our processes became even more organized, more tech savvy and easier for our customers, affiliates and employees Every professional engaged in logistics knows how valuable precise tracking is. No shipment can be conducted without status and location updates, changes in ETA and other conditions require a proactive approach in conducting business.

The new Millhouse tracking system is focused on both accuracy and precision. It checks location of every vehicle as often as needed in order to Committed to exceeding customer expectations, complying with ISO and applicable requirements and continually improving the effectiveness of the quality management system. Ship Now. Our Solutions. More information is available on the campus disruptions webpage , and Facilities Management will share more information via email later this week. Support services remain available to members of the University community:. Support and Discussion Group for Students on Tuesday -- Counseling and Psychological Services will host a support and discussion group for students on Tuesday, May 7, from 5 p.

The session will provide education regarding trauma responses, coping strategies for managing responses, and opportunities for students to talk with each other about their experiences and reactions. Security will be increased for all commencement ceremonies.

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As a result of increased security measures and the resulting time necessary to get all guests in and out of Barnhardt Student Activity Center Halton Arena , the commencement ceremony scheduled for 3 p. The final commencement schedule:. Thursday, May 9, 3 p. Friday, May 10, 5 p.

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Saturday, May 11, 10 a. Saturday, May 11, 4 p. More information is available on the Commencement website. Graduates and those faculty and staff involved in the ceremonies will receive more information via email from the Commencement Office. Changes in parking will be in effect beginning at p. Final grades are due on Tuesday, May 14, by noon. More information will be provided to faculty by Academic Affairs.

The rolling power outage for campus will continue as planned May This outage will allow Facilities Management to safely test and repair underground electrical circuits. Saturday 3 p. Commencement Moved to 4 p. Doors will open at p. Graduates and their guests are encouraged to allow plenty of time to get through security. More information about what to expect for security at all ceremonies:. Support and Discussion Group for Students on Tuesday - - Counseling and Psychological Services will host a support and discussion group for students on Tuesday, May 7, from p.

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If yes, what year? Most of the newer generation of smartphones also incorporate other features such as on-board personal management tools, high quality cameras and recording devices. Thank you Telware! More information is available under Resources below. View Testimonials. Note that this is a change from the original location. Check us out online, by phone, or at over 1, Best Buy stores.

Onsite support is available Monday in King A and B. Additional information is available on the HR website or by contacting Cindy Edwards at ckedwards uncc.

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Final Exam Schedule The updated exam schedule is now available. Please note: There are no changes to Monday's schedule. Faculty and students should monitor their email for more information. Tuesday, May 7 -- 9 a. Wednesday, May 8 -- 9 a. This document has also been uploaded in Kronos WFR. Questions regarding timekeeping in Kronos should be directed to Donna Cochran, donna. Onsite support is available in King A and B. Open Employee Session 2 p. Memorial Items Because of the rainy forecast, University Archives will move the items placed on the steps of Kennedy and at the 49er Miner statue inside so they may be preserved in memory of those we have lost.

If that occurs, it is likely NinerAlerts will be sent. It will be clear in the alert the issue is related to weather. Students -- Information is available in your email account or on the Niner Central website. The Center for Teaching and Learning has prepared instructions to assist faculty in completing final grades through the Canvas gradebook.

To accommodate the necessary changes to exam schedules, the 1 p. The ceremony will still take place in Halton Arena. More information will be shared as soon as possible, and graduates should monitor their email for additional information from the Commencement Office. Media on Campus Media continues to visit our campus. You are under no obligation to speak with them and should feel free to decline any requests you receive.

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For those interested, more information can be found here. Next NinerNotice Unless there is an unexpected change, there will not be any additional NinerNotices about operational updates this week. Media on campus Media continues to visit our campus. Reclaiming Belongings Anyone who still has unclaimed belonging in buildings should contact Police and Public Safety at UNC Charlotte will return to its regular operating schedule effective 12 a.

Employees should report as scheduled; however, support services to assist those affected by the events of April 30 will continue as the University community unites to move forward. The following support services are available to members of the University community:. Final Exams To conclude the semester and to allow for the challenges that some students may be experiencing, a new exam schedule with options for completing courses has been developed.

The details for students and faculty will be forthcoming tomorrow morning in emails from Academic Affairs.


To accommodate the necessary changes to exams, the 1 p. Note that this is a change from the original location. Parking will be free for this event. Dining Dining halls will remain open this week, along with reduced retail operations. Please continue to monitor the Emergency Management website for the latest information on other campus services. On-campus Residents All residence halls are and will continue to be open to residents. Residents should continue to monitor their email for additional information from Housing and Residence Life.

Ongoing Updates Please continue to monitor the Emergency Management website for the latest information on other campus services, including dining and transportation. Next NinerNotice Unless there is an unexpected change in operations, the next NinerNotice will be sent by 10 a. Thursday, May 2. On-site support is available in King , A and B.

Campus vigil A student-organized vigil to unite and support the UNC Charlotte community is planned for 6 p. Campus operating condition The University has received approval for a Condition 3 C3 closed status. All time will be forgiven for non-mandatory employees. More information on the C3 status is available in t his FAQ. The C3 status is currently in place until p. Exams Exams through Sunday remain canceled. More information on exams will be released as soon as possible. Commencement Commencement ceremonies will continue as planned. Graduates should monitor their email for additional information from the Commencement Office.

Kennedy Building -- Employees and students in Kennedy yesterday should contact Police and Public Safety directly at to obtain their possessions. On-campus police presence You are likely to see an increased police presence on campus today. Dining services will operate Crown Commons and Sovi Food Hall, along with reduced retail operations today. Regular Niner Transit and Paratransit service will be running today.

However, bus routes may experience delays. Next NinerNotice Unless there is an unexpected change in operations, the next NinerNotice will be sent by 5 p. An estimated , visitors are expected in the city during this time. Prohibited items on light rail: On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, beginning at 5 p. Train security sweeps: On Friday, Saturday and Sunday, beginning at 5 p. For riders traveling from I toward campus, the security sweep will occur at the 3rd Street Station. For more information on the security sweeps, visit the CATS website. However, with increased security and anticipated crowds, delays are still possible.

From 5 p. Buses will run on their normal schedules, but delays are still possible. This includes bus connections typically taking place at the CTC. If you must travel to the uptown area during the event weekend, allow yourself plenty of extra time to reach your destination. Today at approximately a.

Two shots hit the building, and the building went on lockdown immediately. It is believed the shots were fired from a moving vehicle that quickly left the vicinity. Police do not believe anyone involved with the incident is associated with the University. No one inside the building was injured, and the lockdown was lifted at approximately a. Main campus was not affected. Anyone with information on the incident is asked to call CMPD at At this time, our area is not expecting significant effects from the storm beyond moderate to heavy rain and some gusty winds.

Roy Cooper has declared a state of emergency for all of North Carolina to mobilize resources in advance of any effects the storm may have on the state, especially coastal communities. This does not mean danger from the hurricane is imminent in our area. You should also continue to monitor local weather forecasts. Remember: If a weather condition warrants your immediate attention or action, you will receive a NinerAlert. Next Update Unless there are significant changes in weather conditions or available information, the next update will be provided by 10 a.

Tuesday, Sept. If you have questions about this page or are looking for an older notice, please email Christy Jackson, director of communications for business affairs, at cjack uncc. Skip to main content. CMPD has confirmed one person has been pronounced dead after an altercation led to gun violence at University Village apartments. There are no other reports of injuries. Neither the shooter nor the victim had any affiliation with the University, and there is no threat to campus. CMPD continues to investigate.

Anyone with information is asked to call CrimeStoppers at There are no additional NinerNotices planned for this incident. UNC Charlotte is monitoring reports of multiple persons injured at University Village apartments, which is located near main campus. Police officials do not believe there is a threat to campus, but University officials are closely monitoring the situation.

CMPD is on the scene investigating. Support Services The following support services are available to members of the University community:.

Cell phone monitoring software quality assurance

Facilities Management will conduct necessary testing and repairs to the University's underground electrical circuits May During this time, campus will experience rolling power outages that will last between eight and 18 hours, affecting select buildings each day. The effects of the power outage. On the day buildings are affected, they will experience complete power and service loss: no electricity, internet or phone service will be available.

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The buildings will be locked, and no one will be allowed to enter. What this means for you. If your building is without power, you will be in a Condition 1 C1 reduced operations status during that time. Please note: The C1 change applies only to individuals in buildings with power loss and only for the day of the power loss. Additional information about campus operations. Please note: Details are still being finalized, and the website will be updated frequently.

Next NinerNotice. The next NinerNotice on this event will be sent on May 8. ITS has confirmed with Windstream that on-campus telephone service has been fully restored. This includes calls to campus police and all inbound and outbound calling. Duo and WebEx functionality is also fully restored.

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